Hernández reconsiders despite his scathing letter

Rodolfo Hernández, the presidential candidate who quit in a huff Thursday, has changed his mind.

The candidate for the Partido Unidad Social Cristiana demands as his return more control of the campaign and the removal of some key players.

Hernández was the highly respected head of the  Hospital Nacional de Niños before he was lured into politics. Polls showed he was in second place afterJohnny Araya Monge of the Partido Liberación  Nacional before he issued his scathing letter of resignation.

The letter spoke of betrayal, back stabbing, so much intrigue, so much envy, so much egotism and so much disloyalty. He said the political party was in intensive care.

The responses from other party members are yet to be heard, and how long Hernández will remain a candidate still is in question.

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