Hey, Buddy! Do you wanna buy some hot asphalt?

The criminal mind is at least creative.  Another scam has developed.

The Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes said Monday that a crook was going around trying to sell asphalt left over from a road job. This is a variation on the kind of construction scams that are legion.

The ministery said there is no leftover asphalt, and that the person representing himself as a ministry engineer was not.

The ministry credited the Asociación de Desarrollo de Coyote, the Fundación de Parques de Diriá and the Asociación de la Fortuna de San Carlos for spotting the scam and reporting what was taking place.

The crook even provided a bank account number so deposits could be made for the supposed asphalt. The ministry noted that asphalt has a short lifespan and generally cannot be held long.

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