Italy remembers Tico who died, executed as partisan by Nazis

Costa Rican Carlos Collado Martínez went to Italy to become a physician. He did, but he is being remembered this week more as a partisan fighter against the Nazis.

Collado was among 13 partisans killed by Nazi solders Oct. 10, 1944.

He began his studies in 1938 at the iversità di Bologna and another institution. He was a student of Professor Armando Businco, according to the foreign ministry here in a summary of his life.

He appears to have been an excellent student and won a major prize for his graduation thesis.

After Businco was arrested by the facists, Collado was detained and interrogated. The experience was enough to radicalize him and he joined the 63º Brigada Bolero Garibaldi and a doctor, according to the Associazione Nazionale d’Amicizia Costa Rica.

He was captured with other partisans, tortured and then killed in the plaza of Casalecchio di Reno. There is a monument there now commemorating the sacrifices.

According to the Costa Rica Embassy in Italy, there will be another ceremony in the Italian town Thursday. There also is a concert tonight and a photo exhibit through Saturday.

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