Lawmakers appeal on raid rejected by Sala IV court

The Sala IV has rejected an appeal placed by Justo Orozco, the legislative deputy.

The lawmaker filed an appeal against the nation’s chief prosecutor, the Judicial Investigating Organization, the Sala III of the Corte Suprema de Justicia and the president of the Asamblea Legislativa,  for letting investigators enter and search his office.

The lawmaker based his appeal on the separation of powers. He had been accused of conducting his notary business of marriages and divorces in his legislative office. That is something that is not legal.

Investigators took personal items, his computer and his notary book. He is the sole representative of the political party Renovación Costarricense in the legislature. He is an evangelical pastor.

Orozco has gained notoriety because of his opposition to homosexuality. That situation sparked protest when he became head of the legislative human rights committee. His outspoken position earned him the title of a national shame from the Spanish language daily La Nación.

The court said that the investigation has not finished and that there was no restriction on the lawmaker’s liberty that required habeas corpus.

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