Limón Centro springing to life as mood turned to Carnaval

Limon Centro is starting to pulsate. The streets like veins have continual motion. People have waited an entire year since lastCarnaval and are now getting restless. A few days ago the mascaradas could not be found. Mascaradas are people who wear masks or giant heads along with colorful costumes and run through the streets chasing children. Now after midday, people are looking up from their cell phones and to their surprise directly into the chest of a colorful giant.

Chatter on the corners involves plans for the next day’s activities as young women carry colorful outfits and high heeled boots underneath their arms as they hurry down the street.

The food vendors have stepped up their game offering yuplonscovered in salt and chilis, fresh squeezed orange juice and healthy servings of hiel, a sugar cane ginger drink sometimes known in other areas of Costa Rica as Agua de Sapo. 

The schedule of Carnaval 2013 events is as follows:

Every day:
Noon – Fireworks to signal the start of the day

12 to 6 p.m. – Mascaradas running through the main streets and vendors selling handmade crafts and furniture

6 p.m. – Cultural Activities such as music, dancing and art displays

8 p.m. – Fireworks Display

9 a.m. – Intercultural Day parade by the College of Limón, Parque Vargas

3 p.m. – Largest Rice-n-Beans

1 p.m. – Grand Carnaval which starts in Jamaica Town and winds through the streets until it dumps party goers in and around the post office near Parque Vargas

7 p.m. – Public Concert

10 p.m. – The grand fireworks display, Vargas Park

9 a.m. – 5k marathon and walk to benefit Aldea S.O.S. starting from Asis Esna Park in Barrio Trinidad

1 p.m. – Mascarades in the streets

2 p.m. – Basketball game at Playa Los Banos

Midnight – Fireworks to signal the end of Carnaval 2013

The information office is now open and is located in the green building at the southwest corner of Parque Vargas.

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