Lots of these proposals just will not do what he hopes

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

In response to points outlined by Mr. Riden, which I found to be disturbing rather than thought provoking.

1. Control prices:  Price control does not work. Refer to the 70-year experiment in the former USSR which failed miserably.   Perhaps you would care to highlight how implementing steps 3 & 4 would offset the problem(s).

2.  Stop treating expats like the fairy tale: Please expand on broadening the tax base – remind that corporate entities also fall under the category of “the fairy tale pitcher that never runs out of milk.”

3.  Shorten and streamline: An excellent idea. Please tell me where in the world this exercise takes place within a month?

4.  Reduce bureaucracy: Another commendable idea which is not about to happen anywhere else on this planet any time soon.

5.  Bring more revenue into the Caja: The modest sums charged for Caja will never be sufficient. Enough said.

6.  Make medical translators: You are a guest in a foreign land. Learn the language. At least make an effort.

7 & 8  Educate the citizens about entrepreneurialism: If only it were that simple.

9.  Foster greater understanding and cultural interchange: We have much of what you describe in my community of 200,000 (Richmond. B.C.) largely Asian from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. End result is most of the advertising signage in our community is only in Chinese. It  is not unusual to meet individuals with no more than five words of English after a decade or two of residency and proud of it. Last fall, it was found that a large segment of kindergarten entrants were unable to speak a word of English. It was reported that most (if not all) were born in Canada. ESL classes were formed. The joy of multiculturalism gone mad regardless the cost.

10.  The three pillars of prosperity for individuals and the country:    Having traveled extensively, found that progress and prosperity happens everywhere, regardless the language spoken as does digital technology and, cannot help but wonder what is your idea of an “expanded world view”

11.  Educate the citizens to become independent, critical thinkers:  This has to be a first, the family unit described as an addiction. Personal ethics are as a result of a close knit family life and independent, critical thinkers come from an education free of brainwashing, which appears to be the norm in Canada and the U.S.A. and, from what I have been told, in Costa Rica as well.

J. H. Penner
Richmond, B.C.
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