Migrant workers still have to do paperwork for immigration

The country will host some 83,000 foreign agricultural workers who will be involved in the harvest of sugar, melons, oranges and coffee. But they still will have to do paperwork, said the ministries of Trabajo and Agriculture as well as the Dirección General de Migración.

There is a special immigration category for temporary workers, but the ministries and the agency will be enforcing the letter of the law this year, they said.

That means that the migrant workers, many of whom cannot read, have to present an application showing they have a job, a copy of the recommendation issued by the Ministerio de Trabajo showing that their efforts are needed, and a form that shows they have registered with their nation’s consulate.

The workers also have to provide two recent passport-size photos.

A curious fact is that some of the native workers from the south are probably uncertain of their nationality because they identify first with their tribe.

Traditionally they have not recognized a national border.

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