Multiple slides keep key highway at Lake Arenal closed

Rains brought more slides to Ruta 142, the highway that runs from La Fortuna to Tilarán along the northeast edge of Lake Arenal.

The Consejo Nacional de Vialidad declared the highway closed because of the several slides.

Meanwhile, there has been extensive work near La Unión where a man and his son appear to have been swept away by a landslide.

A reader reported that more than 100 workers were on the scene Wednesday, but they have been unable to locate any trace of the missing individuals. Both are local.

Said the reader, Victoria Torley, who lives nearby:

“The town really pulled together with donations to keep people working.  There were about 100 men on site today moving mountains of dirt and rock from both sides of the road.  There were at least 30 fire, police, ambulance and rescue personnel, plus dozens of people ensuring that the workers had food, water, fruit and snacks throughout the day.  Some cooking was done on site, but donations from restaurants came in periodically.

“Thousands of tons of dirt and rock were removed by hand and machine, loaded on dump trucks and taken from the site.”

The Consejo said that work would continue through the weekend to open up and clear the key highway.

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