New drink comes to PriceSmart shelves

True Drinks, Inc., said Tuesday that it made a deal with PriceSmart, Inc, to sell its AquaBall? Naturally Flavored Water in stores in Aruba, Barbados, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Trinidad, and the US Virgin Islands.

True Drinks, Inc. is a beverage company with licensing agreements with major entertainment and media companies for use of their characters on its proprietary, patented bottles. AquaBall? Naturally Flavored Water, the Company’s vitamin-enhanced water that was created as a 0 calorie, sugar-free alternative to juice and soda for kids, is currently being sold into mass-market retailers throughout the United States, the company said.

“International expansion into emerging marketplaces such as these is central to our corporate growth model,” says Lance Leonard, CEO of True Drinks. “Healthy living and better-for-you alternatives are not just domestic trends, rather they are part of an international movement. We are pleased to be on the forefront as the leader in healthy hydration and are thrilled to partner with PriceSmart.”

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