Nicaragua’s Ortega is smarter and cannot be taken lightly

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

A second “Panama Canal” linking two oceans is an opportunity for Daniel Ortega to increase his power in Central America and the Organization of American States. Without a doubt, this weakens Costa Rica on an economic front and militarily.  Since we have no army, Costa Rica becomes VERY vulnerable.

What most people fail to understand is that Ortega has never changed his spots, only his tune.  He is still a renegade, just smarter.

When I think of the potential of Canal Nicaragua, I see ships laden with drugs with little oversight.  Drug lords could bypass a more restricted and patrolled Panama for a friendlier port.  Ortega and his underlings would be dipping their beak in everything that passed through the canal. The fuel savings alone would make it very attractive to shippers.

With this level of economic power, Nicaragua would increase pressure on our northern provinces with a quiet invasion of border crossers/illegal immigrants.  With the cordoba strong climb versus the dollar, the impact of a canal increases its trading value to who knows what.  That is major money in anybody’s book. Ortega cannot be taken lightly.

My adopted country seems to have an attitude of arrogance that one day will lead to a major political upheaval.  Foreigners have a tremendous investment here that Ortega envies and wants.  I do not know the last time you have visited Granada, but if that is any indication of Ortega’s challenge to lure retirees from around the world, he will.

We know that Panamá is offering a major challenge to Costa Rica.  My wife and I have visited there and have scratched our heads. We have U.S. friends retiring there.  The cost of living is surprisingly low for what is being offered.  We are married to Costa Rica because of family, but it is definitely alluring.

Ken Beedle
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