Obama’s hypocrisies are legion as debt hole is getting deeper

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Let’s explore  the many sides of the hypocrisies that are the U.S. presidency.

“But he says he will not sit down with Republicans while a government shutdown continues and Americans are subject to what he calls extortion by extreme elements in the Republican Party.”

Since 1960 the debt ceiling has been raised 78 times. There is no debt ceiling,  just a debt scaffolding that gets raised when we run out of money.  Without the threat of government shutdown,  no action will be taken to lower spending and pay off U.S. debts. The extreme elements of the Republican Party were elected by citizens who want an end to extreme spending. Mr. Obama must get used to having his own methods of negotiation used against him. He used the threat of military intervention in Syria, to negotiate the removal of chemical weapons.  Isn’t that a bit extreme?

” Everybody should say one of the most valuable things that we have is America’s creditworthiness. ”

It is hard to base creditworthiness on a country’s ability to borrow money. After all, they are not paying the bills with their own money, they are paying them with the lenders money.  Thus, the hole we are in, keeps getting deeper.

“I had to miss critical meetings in Asia to promote American jobs and businesses.”

What does it cost to send the President to Asia ? Government figures put the cost of flight time on Air Force One at around $186,000 per hour. Add security, flight/housing cost for the support staff  and limo, and the cost is well into the millions in short time. A person who has no idea of cost (using a 400-seat aircraft as a private jet), is not one to promote a business. If U.S. companies want to promote business in Asia, they can do it much more cost effectively than the president. He is not trained in international commerce and has never run a business.

“There were lost opportunities in the short term with countries that welcome the U.S. economic and strategic pivot to Asia”

The Chinese culture was flourishing well before North America was discovered. They are the ones lending us the money to maintain our creditworthiness,  I really don’t think they need our help.

Dan Jackson
Calhan, Colorado

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