Police on trail of men who had hefty stash of firearms and RPG

Offices of the Policía de Fronteras are in the mountains around  Limoncito de Cutris seeking five individuals who may be linked to a large stash of firearms that have been confiscated.

The security minister said that 15 AK-47s and M-16 rifles have been found at a makeshift camp in those mountains. The weapons are new and not leftovers from the Nicaraguan civil war of the 1980s, said Mario Zamora, the minister of  Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública.

Police also located a rocket launcher, an RPG-7, a product of low-budget Russian engineering.

The shoulder-launched  device can destroy a tank.

The big question remains: What were the men doing.

The ministry said that there was a rough helicopter landing pad nearby and that there were 10 large containers with fuel, perhaps for a helicopter. Officials suspect arms smuggling or some kind of drug smuggling set up, but they cannot be sure.

They said they were directed to the site by neighbors who reported suspicious persons in the mountains.

Zamora said that anti-mine experts swept the site of anti-personnel devices but did not find any.

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