Prisoner with cell telephone played trick after tragedy

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Soon after the announcement that the two bodies were recovered at the huge landslide south of Arenal, the cook at a small Arenal soda received a telephone call. The caller ordered many box lunches and said he was going to donate them to the many volunteers who helped recover the bodies.

The cook rushed out and bought extra supplies to fill the order. The order was never picked up and never paid for. According to the police, the caller was a prisoner using his cell phone to make the call. A big joke. Why are prisoners allowed to have cell phones? The police said that maybe the prisoner would receive time added. Later the police reported that a soda in TilarĂ¡n had also fallen for the hoax.

All sodas should be warned of the possibility of hoaxes resulting from people taking advantage of tragedies. Many sodas just get by, and a great loss can be devastating.

The cook is well known for helping people. It was heartrending to see her tears after working so hard for nothing.

John McClure

EDITOR’S NOTE: Prisoners are not supposed to have cell telephones. Every time they shake down a prison they come up with all sorts of items, including cell phones. There is no way prisoners can have cell phones without prison officials knowing about it. Efforts to block the signals have not been effective. Land line calls from prisons contain a recorded message saying where the call originated.

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