Problem with online ordering is true for Costa Ricans, too

Dear A.M Costa Rica:

I couldn’t agree more with the recent letter “Getting items bought online is a big hassle for expats”  Of course not is only a big hassle for expats but also for all citizens for Costa Rica.

Not only does it involve costs for traveling to the customs office but it also involves considerable time in getting processed at the customs office. And if one uses one of the shipping companies, there is an additional charge on top of shipping that has already been paid to get it to the shipping office. And usually there is a minimum cost for an article as well. It simply does not make financial and time sense to order any small items on-line.

Costa Rica is attempting to move itself towards a more developed state and play on the world stage. It would seem to me that having the local post office near the recipient receive the item and process any tax documents and fees would be the logical thing to do.  The item would then reach the recipient in a timely and lowest cost fashion. It would also allow easier access to the goods of the world. The taxes required are of course the right of the elected government, and there are many arguments for and against such taxes on imported goods.

Hopefully one day we will see such changes

Ron Chilibeck
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