Road officials give assurance Circunvalación work is OK

As the rains fell Wednesday and motorists were struggling with roads saturated by water and vehicles, the nation’s road agency said all was going well at the Circunvalación work site.

This is the location where a concrete channel is being constructed for the Río María Aguilar so that a washout can be spanned by temporary bridges.

By late evening the officials of the Consjeo Nacional de Vialidad certainly had their fingers crossed and another tour of the site scheduled for today to inspect the impact of Wednesday rains, but in a press release they seems confident.

The explanation given by the road agency about progress at the site was more detailed than usual. Workers are building two steel walls from pieces of metal 18 meters (about 60 feet) high and two or three meters wide. They also are driving pilings and pouring concrete walls that hold the sheet steel in place with anchors. This work is progressing on either side of the washout.

The collapse of the drainage system at the four-lane highway is a highly visible aspect of the nations road problems, even though it cannot be viewed directly. All over the Central Valley roads are jammed by vehicles whose drivers would prefer to take the Circunvalación, the city’s southern bypass route.

Several months will pass before the temporary bridges are erected again at the collapsed part of the road. The construction work there now is mainly to provide a firm place to set the bridges. Afterwards, workmen will concern themselves with a new system of guiding the river under the road.

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