Robbery victim and guard chase down suspected gunman

A security guard took two non-fatal bullets to the head and he and a co-worker chased down a robber who stole a company payroll.

The Judicial Investigating Organization identified the victim as a 34-year-old man with the last name of Calderón. He went to Hospital Calderón Guardia Saturday afternoon with superficial head wounds, agents said, adding that this is what happened:

He was on duty at a storage facility for a construction company near Multiplaza del Este when an administrative worker at the same firm returned with cash to meet the weekly payroll. That was when a robber confronted the worker and took the payroll and fled.

Joined by the guard, the robbery victim hailed a taxi and chased the fleeing robber catching him in San Francisco de Dos Ríos. That was when the robber pulled a gun and started shooting as the two men struggled with him.

Despite the wound, the guard and the company worker managed to detain the suspect.

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