Roundtables set up to explore country’s financial woes

Finance ministry technical staffers already have conducted about 60 meetings to try to figure out how to solve the government’s financial problem.

Now citizens are being invited to discussion sessions to consider the five principal financial topics.

This is the Ministerio de Hacienda’s national dialogue on fiscal policy.

Edgar Ayales, the minister, outlined the procedure Thursday and said that the roundtables will identify the actions necessary to insure the economic integrity of the state.

He said that he was not speaking of a proposal but rather an analysis and a sharing of opinions. He said a solution is something that cannot be delayed and that the country cannot allow the unbalanced financial situation to become chronic.

The first set of session is Oct. 25 in the Auditorio Nacional in the Museo de los Niños. They are open to the public.

The minister said there were three steps involved in the process of designing a strategy, The first was meetings and consultations of a technical nature. This already has taken place.

The national dialogue is the second. Then and only then will the third phase, the submission of proposed new tax laws take place, he said.

The minster outlined five topics that will be discussed  separately. They are fiscal governability, strengthen the administrative and legal system of taxes and customs fees, the level and quality of public spending, debt and investment, and fiscal policy and environmental sustainability.

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