Search continues for father and son lost in landslide

A father and his son are believed to be entombed in a major landslide at La Unión between La Fortuna de San Carlos and Nuevo Arenal.

Neighbors presume that the man was walking his son to school Tuesday morning when he stopped to take photos of a landslide that had taken place due to the wet weather.

That is when a second, much larger landslide broke loose and swept away the pair.

The Cruz Roja said a dozen rescue workers were on  the scene, and more were coming from the Central Valley by air to the Finca La Joya. More are expected to be on the scene today.

The Cruz Roja estimated that the boy was about 10 and the father, a local, was about 40.

Heavy machinery moved in to help rescuers who were probing with rebar and shovels.  A witness said that the debris field extended downhill from the road toward Lake Arenal. The Cruz Roja said that the weather was favorable for the search but that the soil remained unstable.

Traffic on the road, which borders the lake, has been halted and police were keeping people back from the actual work area, said an expat resident.

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