Security at national arsenal gets a beefed-up makeover

A big plum for crooks would be the national arsenal that contains thousands of firearms. Some are destined for destruction. Others are for the use of police forces.

The location is in Dulce Nombre in Vázquez de Coronado. The security ministry just invested 250 million colons, about $500,000, to make the location more secure. The construction of sturdy walls caused residents to think that a new prison was being set up.

In one recent crime, bandits invaded a store warehouse of the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes and took a number of new pistols destined for the traffic police. Officials do not want that to happen at the Arsenal Nacional, so the place is under continual guard with officers carrying combat weapons.

The work there will continue with improvements in the electrical system and with painting.

Mario Zamora Cordero noted in a visit Wednesday that some 9,000 firearms are slated for destruction and that a new lot of some 21,000 firearms will be destroyed in March. The arsenal also holds a large stock of ammunition, some of which also is destined for destruction.

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