Sidewalks are clearly needed, and trash cans do not work

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I read your newspaper every single morning and was in hysterics reading the one that one of your readers submitted this morning, saying that if you object to the trash along the streets and sidewalks, just look up and not down.

Only one thing wrong with that suggestion. If you live where we live, which is walking from east of the Red Cross building up to Paroquia Santa Ana Catholic Church to Mass, as we do every Sunday morning, and you were looking up or straight ahead, rather than down, you would be dead, probably in the first 10 minutes of your walk, or if not dead, severely injured.  That is due to the fact that we virtually have NO sidewalks in this part of Santa Ana.  And there are places along that route that have holes where you could bury a 6-foot man, so obviously, our plea to anyone running for office in this area, this coming election would be to PLEASE let us have sidewalks, like they have in Lindora, Belén, and most of the other cities around here.

As for his other comment about picking up the trash ourselves along the way, in fact, I do.  What is amazing is that the “Chinese 7-11,” as we call it or the Super Roble, right up the street here has just spent a fortune re-doing the entire front entrance, with a brand new paint job, new walkway into the store, new signage…….everything brand spanking new and the owner has placed a huge trash can right at the exit of the store on the sidewalk out front. Yet the Ticos walk right by it, finishing their candy bar or their pack of cigarettes or whatever, and rather than throw the empty package into the trash can, they just toss it right on the sidewalk and totally ignore the trash can.  You would certainly think that if you were born and raised here that you would want to see your community improved and want to be proud to show it off when guests or family from other places come to visit you, but obviously that is not the case here.

Rosalind Stanco-Litt
Santa Ana
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