Some lawmakers support modified crops moratorium, too

Both Acción Ciudadana and Frente Amplio have joined the call for a national moratorium on growing genetically modified organisms.

Representatives of both political parties made that announcement Wednesday, which by no coincidence was World Food Day.

There is a proposed law that is being submitted that will establish such a moratorium. Proponents said that the measure will promote organic agriculture, meaning production without pesticides and insecticides.

Several organizations opposed to genetically modified plants have encouraged governmental councils in various cantons to establish local moratoriums of dubious legality.

The measure would allow scientific research as long as the genetically modified organisms were confined and controled so they would not contact anything outside the lab.

Acción Ciudadana was represented by lawmakers Jorge Gamboa and Claudio Monge. Frente Amplio’s sole member of the Asemblea Legislativa, José María Villalta, also was present.

Gamboa said that genetically modified plants are a threat to farmers because the pollen cannot be controled from spreading.
Villalta said a moratorium is urgent because genetically modified organisms risk life and biodiversity and only benefit big corporations. He said the future for Costa Rica was in agrioecology, a system of farming that conserves resources.

The campaign, of course, was sparked when Monsanto Co. sought approval to plant several acres of modified corn.

Approval was given, but the company is not held in high regard by some Costa Ricans.

Modified crops have been grown in Costa Rica for years, and a DNA analysis would be needed to determine which crops do not contain modified genes. Nearly any food product imported from the United States and made from corn probably contained modified genes.  An earlier news story is HERE!

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