Southern zone highways always are poor at this time

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

The road situation is the same in most places, especially here in the Zona Sur.  We all suffer from a general downturn in tourism, enhanced by the road situation.  The last four years in Playa Zancudo, we have often paid the costs ourselves to have our road which runs thru town fixed each December.  It usually costs about $3,000 and is paid by businesses, and wealthier residents with cars.  Of course, that doesn’t help much with the rest of the incoming road that brings the guests in.

Generally, over the past five years there has been a slight road maintenance improvement that is encouraging.  Come November, many of our service trucks won’t come in.  Worst is that the school bus quits coming in just when the high school kids are needing to complete tests for graduation.  Everyone pitches in, a truck gets hired and we muddle thru.

This time of year we could enjoy more national tourism, as we lower our rates, but the wear and tear on the private vehicles is just too daunting for many locals.  Our daily boat services stop for the off-season too, as those transportation costs are also high.

I always wonder about the high costs of living here… and often think it is related to transportation costs, high cost of vehicles, and the damage sustained by them on the roads, and expensive gas.

I understand that not getting to a doctor, and emergency situations make some locations for vacation risky, but still think it part of the package to visit such a beautiful and remote location like Drake Bay.

Susan England
Playa Zancudo
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