Spiritual healer planning to show his talents in Curridabat

René Mey, described in a press release as a recognized French humanist and orator, is coming to Costa Rica. Elsewhere he describes himself as a healer and seer. Others are not as kind and describe him less enthusiastically.

Mey is of a different generation of showman who does not rely on the power of the Christian God to heal, as do people like Benny Hinn, the television evangelist. Instead, Mey draws his alleged powers from meditation and something called cellular regeneration made possible by his elevated spiritual development, according to a news release.

May will be here at the Colegio Internacional SEK en Cipreses in Curridabat Saturday for what is described as a free presentation. But if anyone wants to be a sponsor for $300 they get a handful of tickets and an invite to his meditation workshop the next day.

Newspaper writers generally are soft on healers, swamis, Indian medicine men, shamen, and the like because there is no percentage in alienating readers and advertisers.  But with the arrival of YouTube, Twitter and a host of other ways that individuals have access to the public mind, all bets are off.

Every cherished philosophy comes under attack on YouTube, ranging from democracy  to religion to paleontology to the germ theory.

Spiritual healing comes in from some lumps, too. One of the principal adversaries is James Randi, better known by his stage name of the Amazing Randi. His foundation still offers $1 million for proof of a paranormal claim, such as mind reading. no one has ever collected, but even Randi draws a line at including religious or spiritual claims in the challenge because he says they are not testable. Included in these are miracles.

Mey is all over YouTube, also, with videos including testimonials about unexplained recoveries by his supporters. Readers can see more about the Costa Rica presentations at this site

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