Three killings results in three separate arrests, including that of security guard

A security guard is accused of shooting a co-worker in Guadalupe, and judicial agents discovered the body of a man tied hands and feet in Desamparados.

And in Alajuelita agents detained a man who is a suspect in a drive-by motorcycle murder in the same community.

All this happened Monday.

The case of the security guard took place in El Carme de Guadalupe. Dead is a 34-year-old man with the last name of Marín.

He died about 5 p.m. Monday from a bullet to the head. Agents  confiscated a .38-caliber firearm from the 27-year-old security guard.

A woman also was in the workplace when the shooting took place, but she was not injured, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. Agents are unsure of the motive for the murder.

The Desamparados case began when agents said they received a confidential
tip that a man was hiding a body in a dwelling. The victim in this case was identified later by the last name of Pérez. He was 43, agents said.

After getting the tip, agents watched the home in which the victim had resided. When the suspect emerged from the home Monday, agents said he matched the description given by the confidential caller. They detained him on the public street and then entered the home. Inside the home they found the body tied hands and feet with blood on the head. But there was no indication immediately on how the man died.

In the Alajuelita case, two men on a motorcycle gunned down the driver of a sports utility vehicle about 8 p.m. Monday. The victim, subsequently identified as a 27-year-old man with the last name of Delgado, was dead at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds.

Not long afterwards, the Fuerza Pública and judicial agents detained a motorcycle driver who matched the description of one of the assailants, they said. That was in Aurora de Alajuelita. Agents said they also confiscated a firearm.

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