Tigo’s channel decision was not for customers’ benefit

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

For those of you are Tigo subscribers, you might have surprised by another change in Tigo when you tried to access the ABC network.  Tigo informed you that it would now be available on Channel 22, explaining in a twisted form of logic that “we expect that every change done will benefit our customers.”

What Tigo didn’t bother to tell you is that the NBC network, which previously was on Channel 22, was being eliminated.  When I called Tigo to learn what happened, I was informed that the NBC network “had directed” Tigo to stop using the NBC signal. In other words, in another twisted form of logic, it was the responsibility of NBC in deciding to stop providing its signal to Tigo.  The truth is, however, that NBC — as with any other business — would be delighted to make its signal available to any cable service that is willing to pay the negotiated price.

Tigo didn’t want to pay the price, so it decided — in a self-proclaimed effort to “benefit” its subscribers — to eliminate NBC from its list of channels.  I am sorry Tigo, but I don’t understand how I have been benefitted, nor do I appreciate your attempt to blame another party for a decision made only by Tigo.

David Jackson
San José
and San Francisco, California.
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