Two arrests made in murder of businessman in Santa Cruz

Judicial agents quickly detained two men in their 30s who are the principal suspects in the murder and robbery of a man who died in a Santa Cruz cabina early Thursday.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that one of the suspects was a business associate of the slain man, identified by the last name of Murillo. He was 67.

Judicial agents said that the victim frequently traveled from his home near Ciudad Quesada and engaged a local man there as a driver. In the most recent trip he stayed in a cabina also occupied by the man.

The victim died from blows to the head and elsewhere, agents said initially. His room was in disorder as if there had been a fight.

Agents began the search for Murillo’s car and found it in Playas del Coco and detained the driver who is now one of the two suspects. Agents said they found money in the car.

Murillo was known to have withdrawn 2 million colons during his trip. That’s about $4,000. He was a moneylender.

Agents then searched a cabina near the murder scene and found other evidence, they said.

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