Two cargo lines will share ships

Two cargo lines that service Puerto Limón have agreed to share vessels and said the new system will provide customers of both companies with reliable, weekly service on larger ships between South Florida, Costa Rica and Panamá.

The firms are Crowley Maritime Corp. and Seaboard Marine Ltd.

By sharing vessel space, Crowley and Seaboard said they will increase total capacity in the trade by using two higher-capacity vessels, resulting in a continued high level of service, a more efficient operation and reduced carbon emissions in the trade lane.  When the service begins in late November, each ship will call weekly at Crowley’s Port Everglades, Florida terminal and Seaboard’s Port Miami terminal before going to Puerto Limón and Colón and Manzanillo, Panamá.  Concurrent with the change, Seaboard will be moving all of its vessels that serve Panamá to Manzanillo International Terminals, it said.

“Our cooperation in this trade lane will allow us to continue to provide exceptional service to our customers while remaining competitive in the ever-changing market,” said Steve Collar, Crowley senior vice president and general manager, Latin America services. “We are particularly pleased that our combined service will provide the fastest transits in the market to and from Costa Rica.”

“This arrangement permits us to gain efficiencies while enhancing service to customers as we are actually adding capacity,” said Edward Gonzalez, Seaboard president and CEO.  “Though not the primary reason for rationalizing our services, we are pleased that we can reduce our carbon footprint by doing so.”

A vessel will load in Miami and Port Everglades weekly for a Friday departure and then call in Puerto Limón on Tuesdays, Manzanillo on Wednesdays, and Colón on Thursdays before departing north on Saturdays from Puerto Limón.  Each carrier said it will continue to provide its full complement of equipment types used in its Central America service.

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