Warning issues for those living near potential slides

Soaking rains over the last week have made emergency officials nervous, and they have issued an alert for six slopes in the southern part of the Central Valley.

The Municipalidad de Escazú has followed with its own warning for residents of the Filtros Rapidos sector which is above Los Anonos.

The Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias cited this location and Lajas in Escazú and as well as Tablazo in Desamparados, Burío in Aserrí, Tapezco in Santa Ana, La Cascabela in Alajuelita and Pacacua in Mora, All of these slopes have had slides in the past.

The Escazú notice was more pointed and told residents to be ready to move quickly from their homes along the Río la Cruz and to keep an eye on the river. The municipality also suggested that residents prepare an emergency kit.

In case of earthquakes or noises from above or even changes in the flow or color of the river, residents should notify officials, it said.

There was a break in the rainy weather in much of the valley Sunday. But the warnings remain for the rest of the rainy season, the emergency commission said. That is until mid-December.

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