Washout on key highway repaired in record time

Despite a rainy weekend, workers have managed to reopen Ruta 32 at the Río Parismina, the key highway connecting San José with the Caribbean coast.

Heavy machinery built up the section of the highway that was destroyed Wednesday, although permanent repairs will take longer. The repair was done in record time and much quicker than the Ministerio de Obras Pública y Transportes estimated.

Ruta 142 at Tilarán had 12 landslides prompted by the rains last week. They were expected to be all cleared by the weekend.

Road officials will be making an assessment today of any damage that might have resulted from the wet weekend on a ground already soaked.

Meanwhile, the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that instruments have counted 167 lightning strikes in the metro area. The weather institute said that the rains were the result of high temperatures and humidity entering the country. The report came in a 2:50 p.m. bulletin Sunday.

The rains tapered off in the early evening.

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