Why are some welcomed but other immigrants not?

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Who can fathom the logic and priorities of politicos?

Sept 19: A.M. Costa Rica said: Lawmakers soon will consider a proposal to make more immigrants legal. The principal concerns are mostly Nicaraguan immigrants who are in the gray labor market because they cannot afford the cost of official applications. . . .

And Sept 27: A.M. Costa Rica asked in an editorial: How could officials be caught flat-footed again?

So, in my opinion, those of us who would like to be expats or pensionados, or whatever term, with money and talent to contribute to Costa Rica are shunned as Gringo intruders (unless we have a few $ million), yet the “exploited” (my words) worker bees from the neighboring “enemy” state are welcome and even (to be) assisted as they make their southerly migration.

Seem familiar to you Mr. Expat?  Apparently not a lesson relearned by the Ticos from the US experience.  Perhaps the common language does not instill the fear of illegal border infiltration or a national identity crisis?

And remember the profiling outrage Costa Rica expressed about the Arizona law?  I get stopped for ID checks more in Costa Rica than in the U.S.!  Do that math.

Costa Rica has no problem admitting U.S. hospital ships and the countless missionary groups that arrive with (Godly) benefits to Costa Rica.  Guess they’re leaving within 90 days!

I digress. My point is to ponder the complexity of national identity as it relates to growth and progress.  I am pretty sure MTV and satellites eliminated national borders back in the 80s and everybody wanted to be like “us” (now social networking continues that).  Are we (to be) tribes or a united planet?  I am of the opinion that ANYONE who contributes should be encouraged, welcomed and treated equally.

Hank Lam
Texas and Talamanca
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