100 inspectors will seek out aguinaldo deadbeats next month

The Ministerio de Trabajo said it will field 100 inspectors and send them to all parts of the country to make sure workers get their Christmas bonuses.

The bonus is the aguinaldo, an extra twelfth of what workers earned from Dec. 1 to Nov. 30.

Olman Segura Bonilla, minister of Trabajo y Seguridad Social, announced the enforcement action. He noted that the deadline for employers to pay the aguinaldo was Dec. 20. He said that inspectors would be working in late December every day but Christmas to make sure workers were paid.

The ministry will be setting up tents in public places at major population centers to field questions and complaints from workers and to assist employers in making the payments.

The list of locations are on the ministry’s Facebook page.

The ministry has a calculator on its Web site so that employers can figure the aguinaldo.

However, the calculator is nothing more than a spreadsheet to add up the employee’s pay for the year and divide the total by 12.

As A.M. Costa Rica has reported, employers of persons who receive things of value, like housing and food, in addition to cash, must include the fair value of these in the calculation, too.

A typical employee will be able to obtain a list of the relevant salaries by visiting an office of the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social.

Employers are supposed to report the salaries each month.

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