Archives will accept and display current photos of daily life

Anyone can take an historic photo. At least as far as the Archivo Nacional is concerned. This is the repository of the country’s history, but archivists there are opening the door to photos that have been taken in the last five years.

The good ones will end up in an exposition marking the 200th anniversary of San Jose’s charter by the Spanish Cortes de Cádiz. The exhibition is called “San José en blanco y negro,” and it opens Nov. 21.

The archive has plenty of older historical photos. There are 300,000 on file. The images submitted by the public will be computerized and available for viewing. The archive says it is seeking a collective portrait of the city that will be of value in the medium and long term.  There are no rules about content.

The archive subdirector, Carmen Campos Ramírez, mentioned photos of daily life, landscapes, architecture, and activities natural to this time. Also suggested were parades fiestas, buildings and concerts. among others.

The photos should be at least 1200 by 1800 pixels and in TIF of JPEG format. The photo can be sent via email to along with a detailed description of the content, including where the photo was taken and who might appear in the photo. Also sought is the exact date and the name of the person donating the photo.

The archive said that it would accept photos that are older than five years, although these will not be included in the show. These can be prints because the archive staff can make digital images.

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