Being submerged is a metaphor in this 18-photo exposition

The Galería Nacional has debuted a photo show that is unique in that the works all were taken under water.

The artist is Mario Peraza, who placed 18 photos in the show called “H20, Hipnótico y Onírico.”

The gallery said that those who wish to submerge themselves in a world of fantasy, dreams and dreamlike hallucinations can visit the show through Nov. 29.  Admission is free.

Peraza, himself, is submerged in the depths of surrealism to depict new worlds of magic, fantasy, irrationality and abstraction, the gallery said, adding that the artist is accustomed to swim in these waters.

The show is a retrospective of some three years of work.

The gallery is in the Museo de los Niños off Avenida 9 in north San José. The photographer used special underwater housing on professional cameras.

One of the works “Sirena,” shows a woman underwater in a tight-fitting garment that looks very much like fish scales. The word translates into English as mermaid.

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