Big Christmas show at museum is set for Dec. 4

Two great events for children mark the beginnings of the Christmas season.

They are the lighting of the Christmas tree at the Hospital de Niños and the illumination of the castle-like Museo de los Niños.

The fiesta at the museum will be Dec. 4, a Wednesday, this year, and there is a special early event at 4:30 p.m. The museum said that it expected 12,000 to see the show.

The building is the former national prison, and the museum calls it the Castillo de los Sueños. Like most castles there are turrets and a big entry door.

The event this year will be the third in which police set up what they call a secure route from the downtown for the benefit of attendees. The area around the museum is not the city’s best.

The theme this year is El amor sobre todas las cosas,  “Love above all things.” There will be a stage show with the lovable Museito and Museita as well as a Grinch-type character who tries to ruin the party. The climax is a spectacular fireworks show.

The main show begins at 6:30 p.m. For the adults there will be two well-known singers and for the kids there is a storyteller.

For all there are an estimated 4,000 lights that illuminate the museum.

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