Bill outlines steps judges should take to stem parental violence

A bill seeking to confront parental violence has advanced in the legislature. The measure, No. 18.68, has been sent to the full body for action by the Comisión Permanente Especial de Juventud, Niñez y Adolescencia.

The measure does not define the types of actions that might bring a parent into court, but it does say that much of the parental violence toward children is invisible and stems from the traditions and customs of the patriarchal system.

The measure recognizes that in case of divorce, parents may take out their aggravations on children.

The bill outlines a series of steps that a family judge should take in cases of parental violence. The first is to order that the violence cease.

There are increasingly more interventions ending with an order that the offending parent be sent to a psychologist for six months treatment.

Although the text of the bill does not say so, it appears to be linked to an international treaty on the rights of Children to define what might be parental violence.

The lawmakers noted that violence toward children can warp their understanding of how to be a parent themselves.

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