Concern voiced over choices for lucrative careers

There is concern at the legislature that education is not providing the right skills so Costa Ricans can get good jobs.

There is a concentration in the liberal arts and social studies majors and not enough in the sciences and technology among students, speakers from diverse areas agreed Monday.

Those participating were representatives from the Estado de la Nación, the Escuela de Administración Pública of the Universidad de Costa Rica, professional organizations and Alicia Fournier Vargas, a lawmaker. The forum was at the legislature.

The speakers also noted that there is an influx of some 1,000 new lawyers a year.

Carlos Carranza Villalobos of the Universidad de Costa Rica, said that the emphasis has to be in the secondary education where students are given the information about offers and demand for certain careers.

Miguel Gutierrez Saxe of the Estado de la Nación noted that each day the population is increasing and productivity needs to do the same. And there is need to estimate the demand in the future for various occupations, he said.

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