Environmental groups rally around petition against incineration

A host of environmental groups and individuals are calling upon the health minster to prohibit the incineration of plastic because doing so is a direct menace to public health, according to the lead organization, Ni Una Sola Mina.

The firm BT BioEnergía Tica S.A. has signed a contract with the cantons of Cañas, Tilarán and Bagaces to handle their solid waste. Some will be recycled and the remainder will be incinerated.

The petition notes that the contract has been approved by the Contraloría General de la República, but it raises questions as to what the environmental impact will be from the project.

The company is seeking to generate electricity from the heat generated by incineration.

The organizations and individuals who signed the petition say they are strictly against this project.

Solid waste or garbage is a big problem in Costa Rica where there are a limited number of landfills.  Some smaller communities are maintaining dumps that are themselves environmental disasters.

The petition says that consigning plastic, paper and other waste to incineration violates a Costa Rican law. Plus the petition asks where the ash will go once incineration is complete.

The petition also says that the gas coming from the incinerator would be dangerous. The petition also raises a constitutional issue of a citizen’s right to a healthy life. That presages possible legal action.

Some who signed the petition are as far away as México, Argentina and Venezuela.

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