Expat from Quepos receives a rude welcome in Central Valley

A bold daylight robber confronted a Canadian expat and took the vehicle she was driving in Rohrmoser Tuesday.

The woman, a visitor from Quepos, Candice Weir, suffered an injury to the head when the bandit struck her.

The woman had borrowed a neighbor’s car and drove it to the Central Valley. She was parking the vehicle in front of the hotel where she was to stay with her husband when the bandit approached shortly after noon.

She got out of the car after seeing a firearm and left her papers, credit cards, passport and some electronic gear. The crook drove off. The incident took place in front of the Casa Roland, an upscale hotel.

The woman’s husband, Dale, said that the vehicle was recovered by police and put in an impound lot.

They were unable to recover it immediately because they were not the registered owners, he said.

Weir said the couple has lived here for 10 years and has had no trouble of this type in all that time.

They continued to stay at the hotel and made a report to the Judicial Investigating Organization. Weir said the agents provided excellent service.

There is a perception that crime has diminished in the Central Valley, but in many cases the absence of crime is really an absence of reports by police to newspeople. There was no news bulletin issued on the crime involving Ms. Weir.

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