Fuerza Pública reports success in containing Halloween crimes

The Fuerza Pública reported Friday that its officers had detained 44 persons over Halloween. The significant fact is that the arrests were not for misbehaving in the so-called Noche de la Bruja but for other violations.

Last year the police force detained 129 persons in 2012 and 142 in 2011, it said. In anticipation of difficulties with youngsters, police set up 82 control points and details of police went to commercial centers, night spots, banks, automatic tellers, parks and bus stations. They sought to short circuit youthful behavior before it started.

The agency said that 35 of the arrests were for drug offenses and two were persons sought in arrest warrants. There were no detentions for the usual Halloween crimes, offense against property, robberies and assaults, the agency said.

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