Historical origins of the city’s cross of churches is the topic

Architect Andrés Fernández will be talking about the historical development of San Jose’s five major churches, and his listeners will not even have to walk.

Fernández has been the leader of hikes through architecturally rich parts of the metro area. This time he is giving a formal lecture at Alianza Francesa in Barrio Amón Nov. 19.

Casual visitors to the city may not notice it, but five Roman Catholic churches are laid out to form a cross. Fernández has talked about this previously, but the emphasis was on the architecture. Now, according to an announcement, he will discuss the historical process that injected these churches into the city’s plan.

The churches are: La Soledad at the head of the cross. La Merced, the newly renovated church, is at the foot of the cross. The Catedral Metropolitana is in the center with the arms of the cross represented by the Carmen and Dolorosa churches north and south of the cathedral.

Fernández said in the announcement that the symbolism transcends Spanish Catholicism and is lost in the origins of Western civilization.

This is the last in the series of tours and discussions by the architect, and with the talk Alianza Francesa said it is marking the 200th anniversary of the city’s charter by the Cortes de Cádiz. Admission is just 1,500 colons, some $3.

More information is available at 2222-2283

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