Investigators and prosecutors have cell phones from heliport

Prosecutors are examining six cell telephones police found on two suspects in Asturias de Pococí.

These are the two men who are suspected of being involved in the clandestine heliport and refueling setup that investigators discovered Saturday.

Prosecutors interrogated the men Tuesday morning and then conducted a formal study of the six cell phones.

The results of the study are not yet known, but most devices contain a record of their use.

The Fuerza Pública said they detained the pair Monday afternoon when the two men appear to have been headed to a rendezvous with two men in a vehicle that was parked on Route 32. Police said that when they approached the men in the car, they fled into the mountains.

That is the same as what happened to those men at the heliport Saturday when police appeared. The two men detained Monday are presumed to be part of that group.

They were identified by the last names of Ramírez Sánchez and Vega Jiménez.   Ramírez, a Colombian, is reported to be a helicopter mechanic. Both face up to eight years in prison, said the Poder Judicial.

When police found the hidden heliport, they also found a cabin, firearms, about $50,000 in cash and containers of fuel.

That plus a similar operation discovered in the northwest of the country earlier in October seem to show that smugglers are using a helicopter air bridge to carry drugs north.

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