Murder suspects caught at sea by coast guard

Coast guardsmen frustrated a murder plan when they intercepted fleeing suspects at sea Friday night.

The suspects are believed to be the men who invaded a home in La Cruz en Liberia, killed one man and wounded two others. The motive for the gunplay has not been shared with the public by investigators.

Dead is a man with the last name of Chaves. He was with a group at a house in Barrio Cangrejal, when men in a vehicle broke through the porton and began firing.

After they fled, the gunmen set the vehicle afire and appear to have had a vehicle and driver waiting to carry them to Junquillal de Guanacaste where a boat was waiting.

There was a boat of the Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas nearby whose crew had been alerted. The boat was able to stop the flight of the suspects, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. Five persons were detained.

In another Friday shooting a bus driver with the last name of Rubí died.  The 60-year-old man picked up a passenger along Ruta 32 who is believed to have shot him in a robbery.

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