Officials will be looking at advertising

The security ministry’s Oficina de Control de Propaganda, which is known for cracking down on soft porn magazines, appears to be spreading its authority.

The office organized a workshop in which officials explained to those in the advertising and marketing businesses the responsibility that Costa Rica has under international treaties.

The international treaties are instruments that the Oficina de Control de Propaganda has to evaluate printed and televised publicity that use the image of women and of the family, the ministry said.

One of the principal speakers at the workshop was Freddy Montero, a vice minister.

In Spanish, the word propaganda does not carry the negative connotations it does in English.  The word simply means advertising.

Montero told the workshop that it is clear that in western countries the society is a patriarchal one, according to a summary from the ministry.

Advertising is not only to sell products and services, but it also is to educate, create stereotypes and create ideas about persons, said Montoya, according to the summary.

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