Plenty of outlets are ready to accept payment for the 2014 road tax

The Instituto Nacional de Seguros is ready to take payments by motorists for the 2014 marchamo or road tax.

By 4:30 p.m. Monday, the state insurance agency said that 169 motorists have paid.

The amount depends on the vehicle.

However, the Superintendencia General de Seguros has established the premium for the obligatory insurance. This is the most basic insurance and most expats have additional coverage. That amount for passenger vehicles has increased from 17,374 colons, about $35, to 20,856 colons, about $42.

Motorcycles are facing a stiffer premium. The rate for 6 million colons in coverage this year for motorcycles is 80,924, about $162. A lesser premium of 61,305, about $122, covers the motorcyclist up to 3.5 million colons.

Motorcycle drivers protested last year about the cost of their obligatory insurance, which was based on statistics of accidents.

The road tax is due by Dec. 31. After that, the motorist is liable for a ticket, which is 47,000 colons or about $94.

The obligatory insurance averages just about 20 percent of what motorists have to pay.  Even an older vehicle will be assessed up to about 60,000 colons, about $120. Luxury vehicles are assessed much more.  Motorists can find out what they owe in several ways.

There is a free telephone line 800-6272-4266.

There is another number: 2243-9999.

A text message may be sent to 1467 with the words marchamo and the number of the vehicle license plate.

There is a data base available on the institute Web site,

Banks and other institutions are seeking marchamo payments because they receive a commission. Some institutions, including the insurance institute, are offering prizes and raffles. Some banks will make the transaction online, as will the insurance institute.

Motorists also have to pay any accrued traffic fines when they pay for the road tax.

If a motorist seeks to consult the cost through the insurance institute Web site, he or she will be offered other insurance that is optional.

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