President promotes country in Paris

President Laura Chinchilla spoke Tuesday at a session of the council of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, France.

This is the organization that Costa Rica hopes to join in 2015. It has been made up mainly of developed countries, and lately had been reaching out to developing countries.

The organization sets international standards in such areas as tax policy, education and the labor market.

This is the organization that put Costa Rica on its black list of tax havens, which had a strong impact on officials.

The organization formed as an administrator of the post-World War II Marshall plan and developed into more of an arbiter of policy after 1961.

The organization’s secretary general, Ángel Gurría, visited Costa Rica last month.

President Chinchilla told the meeting that Costa Rica, as a small country, can contribute to the political dialogue because the country has achieved stable and sustainable growth and high levels of human development.

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