Questionnaire generates a warm, fuzzy feeling

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

The question was asked “ Who the hell is the government to make citizens jump through hoops to receive their Social Security payments?” At a time when the federal government appears to be in a total state of disarray, inclusive of all three branches, the Social Security program (labeled as an entitlement program by those legislators who truly have a pension plan which is truly an entitlement program.)

In my opinion Social Security is an investment program, set up by the government for its citizens to participate in by congressional decree. Even though the government has taken these funds and mixed them with other funds which they have missed managed as they have the entire federal budget, it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling to know that some bureaucrat someplace in the government had the good sense to check that they are not issuing payments to people who have either passed away or are otherwise not entitled to these payments. This practice makes sense and is done by most countries who have federal retirement programs.

Want to straighten out Social Security? Put all members of our federal legislature on the program we are all on. Want to straighten out federal health care? Put all members of our federal legislature on the same program we are all on.

Gordon L Balter
Atenas, Costa Rica
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