Scammer follows headlines and steals name of Ms. Figueres

While Christiana Figueres was making a presentation Tuesday in Warsaw, Poland, a scammer was circulating an Internet message in her name.

The Costa Rica woman is the executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The spam message says that the recipient is one of 19 winners of $900,000 gifts from the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the William Clinton foundation. The attachment in .pdf format shows Mandela with Clinton and says “Please help protect/save our planet.”

The scammer message was fairly sophisticated when compared to the usual type that contains grammatical errors and bad spelling.

Ms. Figueres was at the Warsaw Climate Change Conference where a British researcher praised her efforts in an unrelated email message and said “Believe me. She is totally committed and truly inspirational!”

The spam message is one of those that seeks detailed identifying information and directs the recipient to call a United Kingdom number. Scammers frequently use telephone forwarding devices there to get messages in their home county, probably Nigeria. The pitch for money comes later.

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