Teatro Nacional to inaugurate its nativity scene Saturday

In a break with tradition, the Teatro Nacional will inaugurate its portal Sunday at 5 p.m. The event usually is held on a Friday evening.

The portal is the life-size nativity scene that the theater puts up every year. The theme this year is still a secret, said a theater spokesperson Monday. That usually is the case, and theater designers surprise with variations. One year, the nativity scene was in a rain forest.

There are no advanced clues because the construction of this year’s portal still is within the workshops of the theater, the spokesperson said.

The portal is a tourist draw and the subject of many photos during the holiday season. Visitors from elsewhere sometimes are surprised by the mixing of church and state with a religious display on public property.

They would be surprised further to know that most public offices have their own nativity display, and some retire the display in January with a religious service and songs.

There are songs promised Saturday, too, at the Teatro Nacional. No program is available yet, but the inauguration has seen youth choirs singing from the balconies of the theater and an orchestra on a stage constructed in front of the theater.

Of course, attendance is free.

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