Three downtown restaurants ready to celebrate Thankgiving

Not many years ago, Thanksgiving was just another day at Costa Rican restaurants.

Then a few hotels offered turkey dinners, but due to lack of experience, one fancy Escazú location was serving undercooked turkey.

Things have changed.

Three San José restaurants are actively inviting expats to dine there Thursday. They are the Del Mar Restaurant of the Hotel Del Rey, Sportsmen’s Lodge and the Restaurante Magnolia in the Casino Colonial.

All three have highly skilled cooks, and the promise is for turkey and all the trimmings. Plus there is the traditional North American professional football games.

Prices range from $22.50 at Sportsmen’s Lodge to $26 at the Del Mar with the Magnolia in the middle at $25. Menus are similar, and most restaurants offer a complimentary glass of wine or beer.

The Del Mar is in a restored mansion facing Parque Morazán. It said that “Our chef, Paul Montano, takes great care in the three-course meal. He will delight us with a traditional Thanksgiving feast of roasted turkey with cranberry sauce and giblet gravy with a choice of pumpkin soup or cesar salad and for dessert pumpkin pie or apple pie.”

The Restaurante Magnolia next door has a similar menu with an offer of all you can eat. Plus the menu includes hot wings and oregano fries as well as the traditional turkey and pumpkin pie.

The Sportsmen’s Lodge is offering half-price meals to seniors and children under 12. This is an all-you-can-eat meal, too. This is the 10th year.

All three restaurants stress that they are offering a family atmosphere to celebrate the U.S. holiday.

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