Traffic police will attempt to avoid holiday fatality spike

Traffic police will try to stop the season spike in accidents that takes place each December. They said much of the reason is holiday alcohol use.

The Policía de Tránsito said there will be 650 officers on duty throughout the country. The metro area will be a priority until Christmas when the emphasis will switch to the beaches  and other recreational areas, they said.

Officers plan at least 165 control points to catch speeders and 73 directed at drunk drivers.

Usually December sees at least 30 fatalities with the exception of last year when just 27 died. By comparison no other month of the year has that many deaths, said police.

Police also said they will be cracking down on improperly parked vehicles.

The traffic police also are involved in the many holiday activities that take place in the metro area. Among these are the Festival de la Luz parade, which is Dec. 14 this year.

There also is the illumination of the facade of the Museo de los Niños, which is Wednesday and involves closing off several main city streets to create a safe route for pedestrians going to the museum.

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